Doga Celik

                       6’3/ 183 lbs  



OLEC                         Lead                           Indp. Short.Dir.Lanre Olabisi

3 LITTLE PIGS                Lead                           Indp. Short,Thakri Films

FRACTAL                      Supporting                     Indp. Short,Dir,Luis Marciliano

THIRD                        Supporting                     Indp. Short,Dir,Lea Brandenburg

GRIM                         Lead                           Indp. Short,Mightyr Productions

THE SURGICAL HEART           Supporting                     Indp. Short,Live Dreams Films

MOON LILIES                  Lead                           Indp. Short,Onii Chan Production

HUMPTY DUMPTY                Supporting                     Indp. Short,Dir,Luis Marciliano

RED LIGHTS                   Lead                           Student Prod.Dir,Paul Warner

ONE LAST FIGHT               Lead                           Indp. Short,Dir, Oliver Valle

.COKE                        Lead                           Indp. Short,Dir.Federico Santos

THE COME BACK                Lead                           Indp. Short,Dir,Martha Chain

BETRAYAL                     Lead                           Student Prod.Dir,Blanche Baker




Bride of the Gulf           Militiaman                      St.John's Evangelist,NJ

Cold Porridge               Marc Poison                     Hudson Guild Theater,NYC

Paradiso                    Man in the Hole/Nigel           Paradiso,NYC

Lost and Guided             Imad                            Under St.Marks,NYC

Heart of Fire               Paul                            Roebuck Theater,NYC

SUBTEXT                     Drew                            Battery Park Theater,NYC

THE WEDDING NIGHT           Mike                            NYFA Theater,NYC

FAT PIG                     Carter                          Battery Park Theater,NYC

ALL THIS INTIMACY           TY                              NYFA Theater,NYC

END GAME                    Clov                            Delft Cultural Center Theater,NL

THE WEDDING                 Jan                             Delft Cultural Center Theater,NYC

WE ARE FAMILY               Michael                         Het Postkantoor, Delft,NL

OPEENS WEET JE HET          Priest                          De Kabelfabriek, Delft,NL




Film Acting:                    Blanche Baker                 New York Film Academy

                                Lanre Olabisi                 New York Film Academy

Stage Acting:                   Zoey Strenheim                Delft Cultural Center,NL

                                Hakim Sugito                  Delft Art Center,NL

                                Paul Warner                   New York Film Academy

Meisner Technique:              Jacob Mirer                   The Artist's Gym

Movement/Contact Improv:        Jacob Dresch                  New York Film Academy

Improvisation:                  Craig Fox                     New York Film Academy




New York Film Academy, 1-Year Conservatory, Acting For Film

The Hague University,NL, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design Engineering

Inholland University,NL, Aerospace Engineering

Baskent University,TR, Statistics and Computer Engineering




Basketball Player, Semi-Professional Racing, Wind surfing, Bartending, Carpentry, Photography, Driver’s License, Graphic and Product Design, Project Management, Combat For Film and Stage, Magic For Kids ,Languages: Turkish,Dutch,Spanish(Basic). Instruments: Guitar, Accents: General American,French,Middle East